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‘Duck/Rabbit’: I wrote a guest post about my poem ‘Sirens’ for the Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog, on metaphor, mental images and other hybrid creatures (2015).

‘On “Relativity”: Writing a Sonnet for Stephen Hawking’, an essay about my poem and the physics that inspired it on the Paris Review Blog (2015).

‘Sarah Howe on Going Home’, the story behind Loop of Jade on the LRB Bookshop Blog (2015).

I wrote a ‘How I did It’ feature for the Poetry School and Forward Prizes, describing the evolution of my poem ‘Crocodile’ (2015).

For The Poetry Review’s ‘Behind the Poem’ feature, I wrote about the inspiration for two of the poems in my book’s Borges-inspired sequence (2014).

I wrote a piece about the Chinese travels that lie behind my collection, Loop of Jade, for the Best American Poetry Blog (2013).



‘The Sound of Her Voice’: an interview with Lily Blacksell for the Boston Reivew (2016).

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Forward-Prizes Q&A on my development as a poet and advice for poets just setting out (2015).

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Essays & Reviews

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‘To China’

In August 2013 I spent a week as guest blogger for the Best American Poetry. My five essays, which charted my literary travels through China, can be read in their archives:

I. That Blue Flower on the Map

II. Du Fu’s Cottage

III. The Library Cave

IV. Possession Point

V. Books from the Sky


Prac Crit

I also write regularly on poetry and poetics for Prac Crit, the online journal I co-edit with Dai George and Vidyan Ravinthiran. Here is a selection of recent pieces:

Interview with Jorie Graham on her poem, ‘Cryo’

Essay on ‘Tuscan Sequence’ by Toby Martinez de las Rivas

Interview with Andrea Brady on her poem, ‘Song for Florida 2’

Interview with Brenda Shaughnessy on her poem, ‘Artless’

Essay on ‘The Catch’ by James Goodman